3 Lessons Dead people taught me

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Hey Guys,

How are you doing this week? Mentally?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. A couple of days ago I posted an IG story saying the Grandpa in my neighbour’s house has C-19. Yesterday I got to know that he’s no more. I tried remembering the last conversation we both had.

Me: Grandpa it’s 12 in the night, go to sleep (Showing my hand towards the door)

Grandpa: I don’t live there anymore.

Me: *Wondering* why is he saying that? I got to know that after his wife’s death, his sons haven’t been treating him with respect and had lots of internal issues.

Some nights he used to come out at 2-3 in the night and smoke a cigarette

Yesterday when I tried putting myself in the son’s shoes, I realized that COVID took him and we were unable to get the body back, unable to hug him one last time, unable to tell him to stop smoking, unable to see the person who took care of me all my life, unable to burn/bury him.

2. Lessons Dead people taught me

  • If you’ve been near-death or had a near-death experience,

    ”Everyday now is an Extra Day”

  • Reading Obituaries has taught me that they are not really about death, they are about life - Austin kleon in the book “Show your work

I loved watching these two movies about Life & Death: Point Break & The Bucket List
Do you know any? Let us know

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3. Few Interesting Learnings:

  • Question of the week: What would you do, if money was not an issue? Answer below and I’ll help you out.

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  • Quick hack: Create a comfortable in-house workspace (we’ll be here at least 3-6 more months)

4. “The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life” - Tony Robbins said this and I’ve been thinking about them a lot.

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