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Hey Guys,

What’s happening?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. The more I use social networking & social media platforms, the more I get jealous of my friends & people I follow.

Somewhere on the way, we got stranded and started keeping up with each other rather than catching up.

We all have experienced this

When we follow someone the goal is to stay in touch with the person, then we see them going to

  • International trips with family (or just travel)

  • Buying new In-demand products,

  • Trying out the costly clothes,

  • Having a partner (ugh the ‘Just started’ Relationship couples are just too much)

    3 Things to keep private: 1. Love Life, 2. Income, 3. Next Move.

  • Going to rich restaurants and parties (Pre-COVID era)

  • Driving costly rides.

  • Dude showing off his money on how much he made through selling face masks (Sitting home)
    and so many more…

We get jealous all the time and start thinking about how boring our life is.

It’s like taking “Get-Me-Depressed” Pill EVERY SINGLE DAY

2. How to stop it?

If you know me I’m a person who likes to keep my Information Diet very strict.

Here are a few things that worked for me:

  1. Dopamine fast

  2. If not, try “Digital Detox

  3. Unfollow toxic people (Who’s content is bringing no value to you)

  4. If not, try “Muting everyone on IG” both posts & story

    The best part about this is that IG doesn’t show me all the stories automatically
    I can see their content only if I want to.

    And I don’t do it on people I just followed… this way all their content comes to front automatically and I check them out for a couple of days
    If the content is good… I keep them for a week, if not “MUTE

  5. Delete the app on phone and use desktop version (I use both Twitter & Instagram on my mac 80% of the time)

    Try these out and Hit me up on IG or Twitter

Which one have you tried before or which one would you like to try?
Share your experience, It’ll help me in my research.

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3. Few Interesting Things:

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  • Quick hack:-

    Step 1: Cut the A4 sheet into 8 small pieces.
    Step 2: Keep them in different places in your room or house
    Step 3: Repeat.
    Ideas and thoughts can come to you anywhere, don’t waste time in finding paper to write it on.

4. “The only time you should keep up with other people is while reading books.” - Prado

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