End goal

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4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. My mom once asked me how can you be so sure of two things:

  • One - You’ll live till 83

  • Two - You’ll have grandkids (or kids for that matter)

I replied to my mom saying the idea of this end goal is not to achieve it but to live the process.

The hidden goal is to push me into creating good stories.

Go ahead ask yourself: Would you tell your grandchildren a bad story? No right.

Having an end goal made my decision making easier.
I just ask myself: Will this be a good story for my grandchildren? No, move on. Yes, Go for it 🚀

Chances are that you may achieve this goal by the age of 63 itself (you never know). But the whole point of having this goal is to do great things which will create great stories for your grandchildren.

2. Let’s talk about some examples.

Right after graduation, I could easily get a job (I’ve worked with many start-ups, did more sales than the employees, Handled a team of over 6 people & read over 100 books a year)

But I asked myself is that the type of story I want to share with my grandkids.

That’s when I decided to do Solo Backpacking 🗺

It changed my life.

Met people from over 50 countries, Explored Nepal for 13 days with just ₹1000 (around $13), Lived with strangers, Tried traditional food, Became a Digital nomad & so much more…

See isn’t that exciting enough.

(P.S: I’m not asking you to travel. Please stay home & stay safe 🏡)

The idea is to create good stories for your grandchildren. Period.

3. Few Interesting Learnings:

  • Question of the week: Whatever you are working on, will it be a good story for your grandchildren? You don’t have to tell us but we’d love to know.

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  • Quick hack: Once a week, give yourself a gift of ‘No-Alarm’ sleep. (Basically sleeping with no alarm to wake up to)

  • I laughed way too hard watching this

4. “It's nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice” - Watched Dwayne johnson (The Rock) saying this in a video

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