How to take notes & collect quotes online

My notes & quotes collecting process, Never Tip in Coins, 7 Threads & many more...

Hi 👋 Prado here

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Second Brain

What’s the point of consuming something when you have no record or document of it.

We used to take notes on paper and then never open it again but now we have the opportunity to document things better. Automating the process of note-taking and sending notes directly from blogs, kindle to note-taking apps.

I even created a video on it (Sharing my entire process and more)

The process is pretty simple:-

I use three apps:-

  1. Instapaper (Read for later)

  2. Readwise (To collect all the notes and highlights)

  3. Note-taking app (Notion & Roam Research)

I’ve connected my Readwise with Instapaper and note-taking apps

Readwise does a great job at sending all my highlights from the blogs I read on the internet to books I read on both kindle and physical version 🚀

You can get two months of free trial here (Readwise)

Highlight things on Instapaper, Readwise then collects the highlights and sends them to note-taking apps (same process with kindle)

They also have a camera option to take highlights from physical books 👇

Now let’s talk about quotes collection.

I wrote a Twitter thread and created a PDF called Quotes Collection V.1 where I shared 100 quotes. (Click here)

  1. QuoteBack Library is simple (Cmd+S) and it’ll document anything that you have highlighted.

But you cannot send the highlights anywhere except exporting them together.

  1. Readwise has something similar but it automatically sends the content to the note-taking app. Just right-click and voila.

These are my little secret and they worked pretty well for me 🙌

Check them out, let me know if they work for you as well.


2) Few Interesting Things:

  • Question of the week: Can creators build generational wealth without managing a big team?

  • Quick hack of the week:- Not a hack but a life lesson :)

  • Why though?

    The reason why we should do this because we shouldn’t treat waiters like roadside beggars by giving them coins :)
    If you take that 5 rupee coin and in return give a 10 rupee note
    You only gave 5 more rupees considering you were anyway going to give that coin away 🙌

    (Also, collect coins fam)

3. “Scars are just tattoos that say you lived a life ❤️”

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