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Hello Internet Friend, Erno Rubik, Power-ups & many more...

Hey guys,

How are you doing this week?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. This newsletter is a way for me to show you gratitude
Thank you for taking the time to read, checking out & supporting my work.

Hello Internet Friend,

  • Thanks for being there when no one else was.

  • Thanks for understanding me (I’m not easy to understand)

  • Thanks for supporting me when no one cared

  • You are thousands of miles away and you take care of me more than the people in my own city

  • Without you, I wouldn’t have survived the quarantine (and I still can’t)

We all have Internet friends.
Today might be the right time to send them a thank you note.

A text out of no-where can make someone’s day.

Do it and tell me how it feels

2. One of the reasons why I wanted to thank you is because of the support and love I got after writing 4 twitter threads this week (One per day)

Which one’s your favourite?

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3. Few Interesting Things:

  • Question of the week: What is something you believe that other people think is insane?

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  • Quick hack:- Always have a musical instrument around you (I have a small harmonica and getting a small piano soon)

4. “Aim for the heart, not the head.” - I don’t remember where I read this… But I always believed in being with Like-Hearted people over Like-Minded people

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