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Hey Guys,

Prado here. How are you doing this week?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Highest ever

Sensex & Nifty ended the week higher for the 6th consecutive week.

On March 23rd the market hit the rock bottom.
Quarantine had just started and the market was continuously losing money the entire week before.

I wrote this newsletter [[Invest & Chill]] on 27th March (That week’s Friday)

Read it and tell me if I was wrong (Snippet 👇)

This is not an “I told you so” newsletter

The goal is to help you with financial education

2. Capital.

What’s Capital?

In simple words: A Capital is anything you own that can make you money

  • Examples of Capital:

    • House (Real Estate)

    • Stocks

    • Brand (Virat Kohli)

    • Patents & Copyrights (Royalty)

    • Digital Products (Build once, Sell twice)

    • and many more

9-5 will never make you rich. Wealth will.

I can talk to you about this all day… But I think this book will do you better
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant (Free Ebook)

It’s never too late to learn about the stock markets and Equity.

Think about how the company will do decades from now.

Stop wasting money, start saving and invest whenever you can.

3) Few Interesting Things:

  • Morning Pages

  • Tim Ferriss and Jerry Seinfield Podcast (Site)

  • I shared my favourite links here 👇

  • Picture of the week:-
    What to focus on? Happy.
    And no this is not my tattoo lol (It’s Maria Popova’s)

  • Question of the week: What are you most excited about lately?

  • Quick hack of the week:- Increasing the speed of the track/mouse pad is probably one of the best hacks I use the most :)

  • Seeing kids getting scared of their own shadows is really hilarious (Video)

4. We were supposed to be catching up on the internet, Not keeping up

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