How to Outwork Yourself, Cathedral Thinking, This is Business meme and many more...

Hey guys,

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4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. You can OUTWORK in two ways.

One is Yourself
Second is Everyone else

You need to decide which one do you want to go ahead with.

I cannot talk about the second one as

“I believe my biggest enemy is myself.”

So I’ll talk about the first one.


How to Outwork yourself:

- Create a system (Bunch of everyday habits & scheduling your time)

- Stay away from Cheap dopamine

- Find & Work towards your long term goal
(Break the goal down according to your need - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

- Accountability (This is super important)
How will you know you outworked yourself if you never had an account)

- Be Patient (Ups & Downs are a part of it, Don’t give up)

- Keep Going.

3. Few Interesting Things:

  • Quick hack:- Use remove.bg to remove background from pictures

4. “Books are the Real-Life Cheat codes” - What are you reading this weekend?

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