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StoryCards was started 4 years ago, "No mud, No Lotus", Get Newsletter-Members Only Discount & many more...

Hey guys,

How was your week? Did you create a story for your grandchildren?

And hey these are StoryCards, My new project.
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4 Things I wanted to share with y’all

1. StoryCards is a Project that I wanted to start around 4 years ago.
I was creating posts with stories on canva and posting them on my Facebook & IG

See the date: November 28, 2016

But due to other commitments, I wasn’t able to pursue it.

Lockdown in 2020:

After the lockdown started, I was able to work on the ideas I wasn't able to before That’s when I started GOAT Book Club (know how I started GBC here)

After starting GOAT Book Club I fell in love with stories again and I wanted to pursue the idea.
Didn’t know where to start and couldn’t figure out how to do it or why for that matter.

That’s when I saw this tweet
This triggered the idea again and here we are.

2. On the morning of 5th September, I took a decision to launch it today.
It was also a challenge as the project was at 0% at 10 AM and it was my birthday.

Launched the project at 9.30 PM (Get yourself a membership now)

I truly believe Stories can create Quality Education for current & future generations.
But to achieve that we need to know and remember or document the stories.

That’s why I started StoryCards.
A way for me to document and share these beautiful stories.

I created a survey and over 150 people participated,
over 50% of people said they’ll pay a fee to get these StoryCards every week.

I didn’t want to charge too much so I decided to go ahead with $6 or ₹300/year for GOLD Members.

That’s $0.50 or ₹25/month.

And $12 or ₹600/year for Platinum Members.

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3. Few Interesting Things:

  • Question of the week: What one thing would you most like to change about yourself to improve on?

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4. “The art of happiness is also and at the same time the art of knowing how to suffer well” - From the book “No Lotus, No Mud”

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