The Compound Effect

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4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Strong Why

We’ve all come across the word compound interest or compounding effect.
In this newsletter, I’ll share a few things which will help you understand how the compound effect works

Why having a strong Why is important?

Let’s say I give you 5000 rupees or $100 to walk on a thirty-foot long plank which is on the ground

It’s a no-brainer (easy money)

What if I keep that plank in the middle of two building?

Why should you risk it, for what $100 dollars?

But what if I told you your daughter is stuck in building two and it’s on fire?

Money or not, you won’t think twice.

Your ‘Why’ made you take that decision.

Before you start something that you want to compound in future… it’s better to have a Strong ‘Why’
Once you got the Strong ‘Why’ work on Habits.
Kill a few bad habits and create few good ones because habits compound too

The consequences are huge on both sides depending on the habit 🚀

Check out One stone Two Mangoes

2. The (Complete) formula for Getting lucky:

Preparation (personal growth) +
Attitude (belief/mindset) +
Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) +
Action (doing something about it) = Luck

Be prepared (Grow yourself by cultivating great habits and following right people)

Attitude (mental models & mindsets)

There is always a good thing coming your way (wait for it)


Luck will eventually hit you 💯

These were the two things I learned from the book “The Compound effect” and I haven’t even finished it yet

Which book are you reading right now?

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3) Few Interesting Things:

  • Picture of the week:-
    Clicked this picture during a World’s Largest Lesson event in Vizag (July 2019)

It’s also my new Twitter header

4. “Maybe is a loser's word” - Kenny Watts, Queen's Gambit 2020


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