Time Billionaires ⏳

Time Billionaires, 1,020 years old shop, Ads from 1918 Pandemic & many more...

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Prado here. How you doing this week?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. The Difference

Difference between Billionaires and Millionaires 💰
Million seconds is 11 days. A billion seconds is 31 years

I came across this idea in one of the tweets by Blake Robbins

The idea is this “31 years makes a Billion Seconds”

So technically most of us reading this right now is a Time Billionaire.

And just born babies are Time Multi-Billionaires 👩‍🍼

What a crazy way of looking at life.

We are all born billionaires 🎉

Only thing is that this bag has a hole in it and you’d eventually run of it :)

2. Cultural Billionaires.

In the conversation between Tim Ferriss & Graham Duncan

A 20-year-old probably has 2 billion seconds left. but we don’t relate ourselves as time billionaires.

Rupert Murdoch, Worth $20 Billion - He’s 87 years old.

What amount would he pay to get 5 years of a 20-year-old’s healthy mind, body, etc?

How would a 20-year-old price it? 🤷‍♂️

You can’t sell the five years at the end of your life. It has to be right now.

YOUR NEXT 5 years. How would you price it if a billionaire is ready to pay?

Would you do it? let me know below (This will be an interesting conversation)

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One of my all-time favourite blogs is known as The Tail End by WaitButWhy (Tim Urban)

He talks about the time we spend with our parents and family ❤️

By the time we graduated from school we already used up 93% of our in-person parent time. Now we are enjoying the last 5% of that time. We’re in the tail end.

The idea of sharing this with you guys is that:

We know we are time billionaires but we don’t spend enough time understanding and learning about time as a whole.
Looking at them from different perspectives can give us an answer we didn’t know exist.

I want to end this conversation with this one line 👇

“What’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t spend with the right people”

Spend more time with people you love, quality time ⏳

Prioritize right people ❤️

Respect time (yours and others too) 💯

Enjoy your time in this world. PEACE 🙌

3) Few Interesting Things:

  • 1,020-year-old Japanese Shop (Blog)

  • South Korea changed a longstanding military law for BTS (Blog)

  • Picture of the week:-
    Quarantine Ads during Spanish Flu Pandemic (1918-19) 😷

  • Question of the week: Which book did you read in college or high school that was actually interesting enough that you still think or talk about it sometimes?

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4. It's 2035 and you wish you had started today

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Absolutely loved this experience (and I think more people should do it)
DM me on Twitter if you need any help or if you want to get on a call :))))

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