Embracing wounds, Orders of Magnitude, Meme University and many more...

Hey Guys,

How are you doing this week?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Life full of Wounds.

Since childhood, I’ve been a naughty kid.
Breaking things, Running everywhere, scratched knees & wounds all over the body

When I got into an accident and got a wound on the upper part of the nose, I realized that I have to live with this wound forever.

It looks like a wound when you get your nose broken in a fight :(

I wanted to create videos and share my knowledge through video content.
But I’ve always been nervous and anxious about sharing my face on the internet with that big a*s scar


This week I came across one of my followers on Twitter.
He has over 200k subscribers on YouTube and he shares knowledge in Hindi.

Guess what? he has a scar on his face.

That’s when I realized if your work and knowledge sharing method is good, NOBODY REALLY CARES.

Let’s look on the bright side

In Nov 2018, I was backpacking in Ahmedabad - I broke my leg.

I couldn’t really do anything and had to stay home for over a month. I started thinking about what to do and that's when the idea hit me.

I need to figure out doing something REMOTE.

I took up video editing again as I always loved documenting stories. (I started learning video editing in college)

Within a month I got freelancing gigs and people offering jobs (I hardly had 3-5 videos on my YT channel)

This week I closed one of the biggest clients ever. (That too paying in Dollars)

What’s the point of living, with no wounds

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Take that adventure, do things you love, get scared, miss a heart-beat, love your wounds and live a life that you could look back to and say “Man I was a wild kid back then”


3. Few Interesting Things:

  • Horizontal History by Wait But Why (Blog)

  • Tim Ferriss’s new podcast with Naval (Site)

  • Question of the week: Have you been pleasantly surprised by anything recently?

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  • Quick hack of the week:- Get a whiteboard (It’s a need)

  • The funniest website I came across this week - memeuniversity.lol

  • David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet” He’s really mad I swear haha (here)

4. “The men who can manage men manage the men who can manage only things, and the men who can manage money manage all” - The Lessons of History
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Just wanted to document this moment

Never forget to take care of your family
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