Your anger is your Superpower

Anger as a Motivator, How to Replace 'Sorry' with 'Thank You', MasterWiki & many more...

Hey Guys,

How are you doing this week?

4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Turn Anger into something good

We are always angry about something,
From staying home because of COVID-19 to Not getting enough quality education in school/univ.
From safety of our women to Climate change.

One of the first things we do when we get angry is let our emotions take control of us.

When we get angry we want to break something, shout at someone, go on social media and share negative comments and many more

But have you ever stopped and thought, how can I turn my anger into something else? Something good?

We all need to understand that

“Anger can be a great motivator”

Infact, anger is one of the most powerful motivating emotion ever.

Ever played a game because you are angry (Watch this video)

Anger + Action is a Powerful Combination

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2. What am I angry about?

Well… one of the things I’m always angry about is not getting enough Quality Education in school.

And recently I let that idea go and realised I need to do something about it.

I forgave my school but didn't let the anger go

That’s why I wanted to do something about it.

I wear a band every single day that says “I support Quality Education”

This is why I started both my projects (TheStoryCards & GOAT Book Club) and even started being active on Twitter

I believe stories can create a quality education for current and future generations

It’s time.

If you are angry about the education system, teach someone.

- Start a YT Channel.
- Write a Blog
- Create StoryCards
- Make educational Products

We need more Quality Educators

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What are you angry about? Let me help you :)

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3. Few Interesting Things:

  • Osho - Life has no purpose (Video)

  • Power of a Large Home Library (New Research Reveals) (Blog)

  • Replace “sorry” with “Thank You” (Twitter Thread)

  • MasterWiki: Masterclass but free 😂 (Site)

  • “Ted Lasso” Only TV series I’ve watched two times in the same week (here)

4. “Being on time is late, Being early is on time
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