Cycle of Emotion ☸

Loop of Emotions, The Story of Dogecoin, Prototype of Eiffel Tower & many more

Hi 👋 Prado here

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Loop of Emotions 🙌

I believe emotions is one of the most important topics that no one is talking about.

Emotions are there since the day we were born (From our mothers crying to our last breath) and eventhough its with us in every second of our life, nobody wants to talk about it.

Emotions are used in love, investing, decisions, creation, family, invention, sports, business, anything and everything. You name it.

If a batsman controlled his emotions when the keeper kept bullying him to play big shots… he would’ve played all day and saved the team from losing ❤️

If an investor is getting FOMOed because his friends and family members are investing during a bull market and he invests when the market is at it’s highest and takes the money out when the market is at it’s lowest… Greed & Fear made him do it.

Emotions play a huge role in taking decisions

One of the best authors who talk about Emotions a lot is Robert Greene
Author of 33 Strategies of War, Mastery, Laws of Human Nature and many more

Emotions don’t just change the way we live… but also changes the way people who live around us 🙌

Why should we learn more about emotions?

Emotions and human nature hasn’t changed in centuries. books like The lessons of history, The Psychology of money, Laws of human nature will tell you the same.

If we haven’t changed the way we behave from time to time… why not learn about it.

Understanding human emotions will help us be emphatic.

I look at Emotions as one of the most intriguing topics of my life. Never backing down in learning more about it.

Having a dog at home makes the people around happy… understand how?

Someone having our back during bad times is a very powerful emotion.
Someone comes to you and tells you these three words during troubling times… you know things will be alright now as there are few people who got your back.

The words are “IN THIS TOGETHER” ❤️

Learn to understand emotions better, learn to understand how you will change your nature in future… How can you be mentally strong and emotionally strong for your next crisis and don’t forget that

“Emotions can influence the way you think and behave”

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What’s your favourite emotion?

Choose one - 1. Happiness, 2. Empathy, 3. Surprise, 4. Satisfied 🙌

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2) Few Interesting Things:

  • Joe Rogan & Elon Musk (Podcast)

  • Life in a Day 2020 (Documentary)
    Imagine watching this doc 60 years down the lane

  • The Story of Dogecoin (Twitter Thread) or you can watch the video

  • Picture of the week:- Prototype design of Eiffel Tower 🙌

  • Question of the week: What is the ultimate quantification of success?

    Casey Neistat Grandma’s answer was, “It’s not how much time you spend doing what you love. It’s how little time you spend doing what you hate”.

  • Quick hack of the week:- Buy a Swiss knife for yourself or to gift someone (One of the best things I ever got gifted)

3. “Clicking a picture = Easy
Constructing a sentence out of a thought = Hard 🙌

Do the hard stuff often 🚀”

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