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10 Interesting things for you 🙌

  1. Diderot Effect (Short-Essay)
    We often decide what to do next based on what we have just finished doing.
    How to use Diderot Effect to our advantage :)

  2. Be More Successful: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Do It (Blog)

  3. World Building (Blog)

  4. Something from my Twitter👇

    • Real influencers are those who are completely vaccinated but still wear masks to encourage others 🙏

  5. Interesting Human of the week:- Aly Raisman (Two-time Olympian) winning gold and her parents’ reaction is priceless #SupportiveParents :)

  6. Picture of the week:- If you can take one learning from the book ‘Siddhartha’ let it be this one - “I can think, I can wait, I can fast”

  7. Question of the week:- What’s something new you’ve learned about yourself in the last three months?

  8. Meme of the week:- No way home Peter.

  1. Current read: I just can’t stop readingProject Hail Mary by Andy Weir” (I read it before going to sleep and I haven’t been sleeping like this in almost a year now)

  2. Quote of the week:

    1. “Talent is cheap — you have to be obsessed, otherwise you are going to give up.” — John Baldessari

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    2. "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Francis of Assisi

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    3. "Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important/ seek attention. They don't mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them." -- T. S. Eliot

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