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Is Fame a curse? History of CTRL + ALT + DELETE, 15 Things from "The Lessons of History" book and many more...

Hi 👋 Prado here

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Is Fame a Curse?

I recorded the entire Elon Musk’s Clubhouse call and I created a video out of it (Watch here)

While I was editing the video… I spent some time putting myself in elon’s shoes.

When Elon was asked about his opinion on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies… his first reaction was “I got to watch what I say here”

Cause sometimes they can really move the market 🙌

Here’s another story that most people don’t know about

In the same call, Elon says he gets his memes from a Meme Dealer.

Here’s what happened next

Within minutes someone took a $4,500 decision.

Elon tweets and market moves up. A friend of mine even created a website where it sends an email to you every time Elon tweets a stock (ElonStocks.com)

The idea behind me sharing this with you is that everything Elon says has huge consequences. The influence is so huge that it can move markets 🙌 People taking huge life and financial decisions based on a person’s words.

What would Elon’s life be like… where he has to watch every single word he says?

Where every word can have huge consequences… in both good and bad ways.

This week Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon’s CEO and this was a question that I kept asking myself

If Jeff picked let’s say Global Warming or Quality Education… with all his Business power, money and influence… the earth will be back to the pre-industrial revolution stage in about half a decade (maybe less) 🙌 and everyone in the world will be educated 🚀

Back to Elon.

Is this fame worth it?

Let me tell another story.

I was helping a team out in Mumbai and I had some free time in hand. I went to a beach and I got to know that this is Shah Rukh Khan’s house (Famous celebrity)

Outside his house, there is a beautiful beach and lots of shops (fast food)

One question that clicked my mind was

Has he ever In his entire life, after becoming famous came out and ate a plate of Pani Puri? or a Vada Pav?

Is fame worth enough to sacrifice freedom?

Freedom to walk on a street, eat a burger, chill on a beach, don’t have to worry about what you say, etc.

Well… I can’t answer this question for you.

We all have to answer it for ourselves 🙌 Is fame worth it?

What’s your opinion on this topic?

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3. “Follow the right people and turn mindless scrolling into mindful scrolling 🙌”

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