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10 Interesting things for you 🙌

  1. Real-life superpowers (Short-Essay)
    It’s the little things that make a human stand out. Those little things are called Superpowers. let’s learn how to create one. T

  2. We need a better and modern curriculum (Blog)

  3. This week I got an interesting view on books & the publishing industry (No one will read your book)

    75% - 80% of the book publishing industry is owned by big four companies.

  4. Something from my Twitter👇

    • What's common between Buddha and Eminem?
      They both went "Why be a king when you can be a god"

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  5. Interesting Human of the week:- Samuel L Jackson :))))))

  6. Picture of the week:- I’m planning to replicate this for the online world. Open for ideas.

  7. Question of the week:- If you could work for someone who is good at communication, decision making, games, statistics, history, citizenship, humour, art, meta-cognition and if they are developed over the course of a decade or more of public school, would you want to? What about working next to them, or having them work for you? Or dating them? Or living next door or voting for them?

    If this is what we need and what we value, why aren’t we teaching it?

    I stole this question from the link I shared above.

  8. Meme of the week:- the meme of the year :)

    Solution for this 👇

  9. Current read: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (Bought it right after finishing the marvellous book Project Hail Mary - Must read)

  10. Quote of the week:

    • “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of TEACHERS.” - Charles W.Eliot
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    • “Be curious, not judgmental.” ― Walt Whitman

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    • "Be humble. Be teachable. The universe is bigger than your view of the universe. There's always room for a new idea. Humility is necessary for growth." ~ Richard P. Feynman

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