How to enjoy being alone

3rd short-essay, Network effect, Spanish flu's role in Indian independence and many more...

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10 Interesting things for you 🙌

  1. How to enjoy being alone (Short-Essay)

  2. Network Effect (Blog)

    Every business should figure out as many network effects as possible 🚀

  3. Hanging by a thread (Blog)

    I had written something similar to this - 5 events that shaped history

  4. Story time by Not Boring (Blog)

  5. Something from my Twitter👇

    Small Indian Independence story

  6. Interesting Human of the week:- A “Knocker Up” was hired to shoot dried peas at the windows of workers to ensure they woke up for work on time

  7. Picture of the week:- "This is the first flower ever grown entirely in Space."

  8. Question of the week:- “What’s the one thing you’d still do even when you are 83 years old?”

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  9. Meme of the week:- Blame it on Phone

  10. Current read: This week I got a fiction book after a long time. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

  11. Quotes of the week:

    • “A jack of all trades is a master of none but is still always better than a master of one”
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    • “Clap for others until your turn comes” 👏
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    • “Your perception of me, is a reflection of you.
      And my reaction to you, is an awareness of me.”
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