How to never stop being negative

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Hi 👋 Prado here

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. How to be positive

Have you heard this quote or sentence before - “Little things compound over time”.
That’s what we are talking about today. Little positive things.

When the entire world is going through a pandemic for over a year and certain parts are going through the worst times, the only thing we can do is be a little positive and help whenever we can.

Did you know?

India is going through its second wave and it’s worse than the first one.

Guess which pandemic had the same kind of effects?
Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu’s second wave was worse than the first & third. (read more)

And right now we are not even sure if we peaked on this wave.

Hopefully, more people get vaccinated and never have to see the 3rd wave.

The only thing I want you to stay negative on is corona

And I’ll tell you how to never stop being negative 🙌

To be negative on corona, we need to be positive in our everyday lifestyle.

No, I won’t give you advice like…

  • get the vaccination as soon as possible,

  • what’s better than a mask? Two of them.

  • If you can’t wear two masks, try not to go out.

  • Donate Plasma.

  • RT & help someone.

You guys already know this. All I want to talk about is the little things that can help us and people around us make a better environment ❤️

Here’s what you can do to stay positive

Little things:-

What else would you like to add to this list? let me know :))

2) Few Interesting Things:

3. Quote of the week

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