How to remember names

Mind Palace, Power of Reading books, Timelapse of creating a StoryCard & many more...

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4 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Quick Story on this topic:

“Behind the Story” 👇

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2. What if we still don’t remember their name

And if you are scared to ask them directly… you can do the same with any of their friends

Asking others about someone is normal (In parties, Conferences, etc)

Remembering names is one of the things that everyone should learn and do

Gather a few facts, create a picture around them and now you’ll never forget the picture

This is how the “Mind Palace” work… I suggest reading Moonwalking with Einstein

Practice and create your own.

3) Few Interesting Things:

  • Question of the week: 

4. “I don't have to write it down, I'll remember it" - The biggest lie”

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Timelapse of how I create a StoryCard

2 and a half hours crunched into a 2.20 minutes video :)

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