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Hi 👋 Prado here

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. How to Show your work

We all have a million questions before we become a creator and this book helped me become whatever I am today as a creator (This mail was started 2 years ago because of this book)

I created a very extensive video on this book (Top 20 learnings)

And in this newsletter, I’ll be sharing a summarised version of the video (Top 5)

1. You don’t have to be a genius (Be an Amateur)

To share your work you don’t have to be an expert… just share whatever you know.

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities,
In the expert’s mind, there are few.”
~ Shunryu Suzuki

Learn how to learn 🙌

Learn how to be an amateur.

2. Document & Share something small every day

Document Everything

  • Take photos of everything

  • Make a vlog

  • Journal your experience

  • Draw, Sketch, Record audio

  • Show your workspace

And share them.

“Small things compound over time” (Share this on Twitter)

3. Rented VS Owned Platform

Get a good domain, create a personal website & start collecting emails.
Here’s my website:-

4. Tell good stories & teach what you know

Good storytelling doesn’t come easy to everybody, It’s a skill that takes a lifetime to master.

“To become a good storyteller you first have to become a good storycollector.” - Me

Let me help you become a StoryCollector (I send out a Story in a single screenshot every week) Join now:-

Teach what you know… speak your mind.

The minute you learn something, turn around and teach it to others.

Create a loop:- TEACH 🔁 LEARN

5. Create, Credit, Support & Keep going

Create, Document & Share every day.

Always credit the creators.

Support them financially (You can buy me a book here)

And Don’t give up 🙌 Hang in there… Keep going 🚀

Share your work (Website, IG, Twitter, Newsletter, Products, etc) below 👇

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2) Few Interesting Things:

  • Picture of the week:- Look again at that dot 🙌

  • Question of the week: Don’t ask “What’s going to change in the next 10 years?

    Ask “What’s not going to change in the next 10 years? Share your answer below

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  • Quick hack of the week:- Always have a book around where you can open any page and learn something new 🙌

    Mine is Tools of Titans

  • Some great answers here:-

3. “Financial Freedom is you being able to wake up one day and change what you're doing on your own terms 🙏”

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