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Peter Lynch's Cocktail Party Theory, Neuroscience Of Meditation, Why we sleep & many more...

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3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Peter Lynch's Cocktail Party Theory 🥂

Last Saturday I got a text from a brother. He asked about Dogecoin. How is it and should he buy it? The price was at its highest around ₹55. I told him ‘Don’t’.

Here’s why:

Elon musk was going on SNL the next day and this prediction went viral

The price was stable and I thought I should probably get in with more money.

I waited the entire day and in the evening I got a text from my brother.

That’s when it hit me. The general audience with no knowledge of cryptocurrency is trying to get in to make some quick buck.

That’s it. That was the cue to GTFO.

I sold them all and kept only 10 dogecoins for namesake ❤️

SNL happened and in one of the videos, he called Dogecoin a hustle and things started getting crazy.

Price dropped more than 25%

It went from ₹56 to ₹36

So what happened here is this theory created by Peter Lynch. It’s known as The Cocktail Party Theory 🙌

Peter Lynch was a legendary investor. No complex methods, no algorithms. Instead, he attended cocktail parties.

First type of cocktail party:-

The market is recovering from a big drop. No one at the party wants to talk about stocks. They talk about sports, weather, an appointment with the dentist.

When people are more interested in the tooth than stocks, that means the market has reached the bottom.

Second type of cocktail party:-

The market is up by 15%. Few will talk about stocks for a little while and then back to the dentist 🙌

Third type of cocktail party:-

The market is up by 30% from stage one.

People gather around and ignore the dentist. Few ask for stock recommendations even the dentist.

Almost everyone at the party has invested some money and is talking about it.

Last stage:-

The crowd is enthusiastic. Now they are telling you which stock you should buy.

Even the dentist has a few picks to offer. Neighbours start giving you investing advice.

It is now time to finish your drink, leave the party and get out of the market. It will soon reach the top and go down again.

I shared my selling dogecoins on Twitter and I got this reply.

I dug more and it led me to this thread. Soon realised I was doing the same without knowing the theory. Common sense helped me save some money 🙌

Are you buying more right now or getting out of the market?

*This newsletter is not investment advice. Please do your own research before investing.

Never invest in something you don’t understand 🚀 Cheers

2) Few Interesting Things:

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3. Quote of the week

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