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Why new years resolutions don't work, Things to buy for 2021, My bookshelf and many more...

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3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Why new year resolutions don’t work?

Resolutions comes from promises. And every promise needs a promise maker and a promise receiver.

But due to the lack of promise receiver, it’s easy to break a promise.

In this case, its the new year’s resolutions.

A promise to ourselves sometimes are easy to ignore and not taken seriously as there is no punishment or accountable to someone :)

“What’s the point of making a promise when it’s easy to break with no consequences”

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How to make a new year resolutions?

Get someone to whom you can be accountable.

Start a notion page and start documenting the promise. Everytime you miss it, you take the punishment (the bigger the punishment, better it is)

I’ve been trying to lose some weight for the past 3 months (I lost 3kgs in the first month and then in the next two I gained 2kgs again)

Accountability is the key.

I hired a fitness coach (I’ll be paying him an amount to teach & keep me accountable)

Being accountable works. Also, this guy is not that expensive (consider it an investment on your future self)

If I don’t do this now, how will I be able to live till 83 and tell stories to my grandchildren.

If you made any resolutions for 2021, get someone to whom you can be accountable :)

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2) Few Interesting Things:

  • Picture of the week:-
    50,000+ people saw this tweet and around 100 people shared their bookshelves :)

  • Quick hack of the week:-

  • Start the year with some laughs (Video)

3. “One commonality between all great minds? They all read books 📚

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