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Hi 👋 Prado here

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. How to read a book 🙌

After reading over 50 books a year, I finally found a process that helps me get the most out of a book 📚 I’m sharing my secrets below… let me know if they work for you ❤️

I created an extensive video version of this newsletter (Includes 7 helpful tips)

Step 1:- Write Why

Before I start a book, I write why am I reading this book on one of the blank pages before the chapters start.
The idea behind this is to document our mindset, motive, expectations, etc.

Few questions that help me document this better:-

  • Why are you reading this book?

  • What the motive behind it?

  • What's your expectation from this book? What do you expect to learn out of it?

At the start it may look like a task... but eventually you'll enjoy doing this.

2. Highlight

A pen and a highlighter.

  • Pen = Read again (probably in future or just read it again to understand it better)

  • Highlighter = Document it. Take digital notes of things I highlighted

I use a pen to write stuff down around the book at random places.

I also keep a note nearby while reading if I think there is a need for stuff to be thought and written down. And later I take pictures of these notes and add them to my digital notes.

3. Digital Notes

Every Sunday… I spend some time converting my highlights, thoughts and important parts from the book into digital notes 🙌

I created an extensive video-sharing three ways on how to take digital notes

Step 4:- Reflect

Reflecting on what you learned…
how effective was it?
Did it fulfil the curiosity… was the expectation fulfilled?

Summarise the entire book.

Once you reflected you can share it on the internet. Blogs, Newsletters, Videos, Threads.

Here are my few threads:-

That’s it, guys. I have shared my secret.
If guys have any more ideas… you can share them with me, I’d love to know your secrets too ❤️

“Reading one good book 10 times is sometimes better than reading 10 books once”

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Happy reading 📚 and if you’d like to read more book threads, sign up 🙌

2) Few Interesting Things:

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  • Question of the week: How do you want people to remember you? What’s your legacy?

  • Quick hack of the week:- Organise your Tabs 🙌

  • I’m saying this because no one did

3. “If you are going to influence anyway, influence people to read more books :)”

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