Dear Pradolorians πŸš€

Why & How, Elon musk story, One-Day Vacation & many more...

Hey πŸ‘‹

Pradolorian here.

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Experiments πŸ™Œ

This week I tried two experiments

  1. One-Day Vacation (Link is given below)

  2. Twitter account going Private

This is where it all started πŸ‘†

I realised my Twitter followers are constantly growing and unable to keep a tab of who’s joining me in the journey

P.S: I checkout every single Twitter profile who follows me (Bio, Header, Profile picture, Tweets, etc)

I wanted to know more about my Twitter family πŸ’‘

That’s when it hit me.
”What if I go private and ask questions and have conversations with my people”

Me to Me: Wow, that's a great idea Prado. But what do they get out of this?

Me going private should help others more than myself.

Around this time I got a text from a friend

I created the second goal of this experiment:

To help my people connect with more like-minded people

Here’s how the experiment went:

First I tweeted this out

This tweet was replied by over 100 people and the best part this tweet reached over 15k people (12k people when it was private)

The response was absolutely beautiful πŸš€

It was so good that I started getting texts saying this feels like a closed elite club and we should name this community

This is when I tweeted out what should we name this and we decided we’ll name it

Pradalorians (later changed it to β€œPradolorians”)

Plus we replaced the code β€œThis is the way” with β€œIn This Together”

Fam even created a couple of Twitter groups (but due to the limit of only 50 people) we will be shifting to discord soon) NOTE: Its Invite Only

Okay, but Why? Why am I doing this? Why is this whole thing happening?

One three words:- To Grow Together πŸ™Œ

To help each other, Educate each other, To create leaders and warriors of tomorrow πŸš€

Whatever we’d do, we’ll do it together

All I know is that the great times are ahead and we are just getting started


2) Few Interesting Things:

  • Picture of the week:-

I came across this story and Elon Musk became the richest person in the world πŸš€


  • Question of the week: 

    Instead of asking β€œIs there anything I can do to help you”?
    ask β€œWhat do you need for this to be a success?”

    Question 1 gives power to the person asking and Question 2 empowers the other

3. β€œDigital Notes = Better Documentation πŸ’»

Physical Notes = Better Memory πŸ§ β€

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