Why I write a newsletter?

How to write one, 30 days of discipline, What to tweet & many more

Hey 👋

Prado here. How are you doing this week?

3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Why do I write a newsletter every Friday?

I started writing this newsletter over two years ago 🔥

The idea and the goal behind it are still the same since I started it.

Main Goal:

  • Write something I want my people to learn (Audience’s interest),

  • Write something I learned (Elaboratively) &

  • Write something I want to document 🙌

Few Extra goals:

  • Direct Contact (If Twitter, YT or IG deletes my account, how will we both stay in touch) Email is one of the best 👋

  • Give Something (No matter how busy the week is) 0 Tweets 1 Newsletter

  • To Tell a Story 💯

  • Write Every week ✍️

  • Show my Work (Best things I published/created this week) 📸

Every Friday, no matter how busy the day is… I have one priority: Publish the newsletter 🎉

I have documentation of every week in the last two years and I know exactly what I learned that week.

Plus writing on a certain day, every week has got into my subconscious brain 🧠

I can’t stop thinking about what do I need to write this week and now I can’t skip the newsletter (It feels like something’s missing)

Now how can you do it?

  1. Figure out why you want to write a newsletter (Writing, Documentation, To give value) ✍️

  2. Decide Day, How often, Topics, Platform (I used Mailchimp before now I use Substack ‘it’s FREE’)

  3. Make time, Make it a priority & Make it a habit 📚

  4. It’s very easy to give up, Try not to give up 🚀

  5. Just Start (Figure things out later) 🙌

DM your newsletter link on Twitter (I’d love to subscribe and help you out)

One last thing I do after I write my newsletter every Friday: I take the rest of the day off (Mostly it’s post 7 PM) I watch a movie or something like that ❤️

2) Few Interesting Things:

  • Reading two books at the same time - 1. Deep Work by Cal Newport & 2. Elon Musk This week’s StoryCard is from this book (Re-reading)

3. “More one night stands with Books 📚

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