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Notorious B.I.G.’s “10 Crypto Commandments”, Bad dreams are good, Prediction for 2035 & many more...

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3 Things I thought worth sharing with y’all

1. Zoom out

I’ve been reading a book on the history of Ethereum called The Infinite Machine

It’s interesting that the longer they wait, the luckier they get.

There are few ways to win in crypto:-

1. Use Peter lynch’s cocktail theory

Last week, I wrote about my experience with my brother and how I used Peter lynch’s cocktail theory. (Click here to read)

Crypto conversations are happening everywhere.
Discord Servers, Twitter, Telegram, YT, IG, everywhere on the internet.

Remember, don’t get too attached to them and don’t come to conclusion right away. Do your research properly.

If you want to win, you need to figure out what people are not talking about.

A very hard skill to learn but important to master 🚀

2. Stop looking/investing in cheap coins

Coin price doesn’t matter. Learn how to figure out the market cap.

Remember this formula:- MARKET CAP = Coin Price x Circulating Supply 🙌

Here’s an example.

The market cap of Bitcoin is $700B ($34k x 18.7M)
Dogecoin = $41B ($0.32 x 129.7B)

If Dogecoin ($0.31) reaches Bitcoin's price ($34k)
Dogecoin's market cap will be around $4.5k Trillion.

The total amount of wealth in the world is around 300 Trillion 🚀

Dogecoin's price will always look cheap.

I use this website to figure out the market cap.

3. Coffee Can Investing

This investing method works better with the Equity market than Crypto but the idea can be used everywhere in the investing world.

The idea is simple.
You find 10-15 companies that are market leaders and invest in them for a period of 10 years and never touch the money in those 10 years.

Figure out which cryptos will do great in 10 years, invest in them and forget.

Invest & forget.

This book is one of my most gifted books (Coffee Can Investing by Saurabh Mukherjee)

4. Notorious B.I.G.’s “10 Crack Commandments” applied to crypto

I didn’t write this. I read on a Reddit post and absolutely loved it.

  1. never let no one know how much dough you hold” -Never share your holdings

  2. never let 'em know your next move” -When buying alts, don’t shill unit it’s purchased

  3. never trust no-bo-dy” -DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

  4. Never get high on your own supply” -Don’t get greedy, stick to your strategy.

  5. never sell no crack where you rest at” -Don’t sell your crypto to your friends. Make them do the work to get it themselves.

  6. that goddamn credit? Dead it” -Only buy what you can afford

  7. Keep your family and business completely separated. Money and blood don't mix” -Don’t tell your family to get into crypto, they likely cannot take the major swings and will blame you when it goes wrong.

  8. never keep no weight on you!” -Don’t keep your holdings on a centralized exchange. The cold wallet is safest.

  9. If you ain't gettin' bagged stay the f*ck from police” -Don’t listen to YouTube scammers / Elon Musk / the person who’s name rhymes with “fax collector”

  10. If you ain't got the clientele, say "hell no!" - Don’t invest in low trade volume alts

Also disclaimer: this is advice on how to sell and distribute illicit narcotics, not financial advice.

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5. Cycle of Emotion

This week over a trillion dollars worth of money was washed out.

Many got slaughtered with this one cycle. Cycle of Emotion.

I wrote about Cycle Of Emotion before (Read here)

Humans are emotional beings. Emotions play a huge role in taking decisions

Work on it. Don’t get too emotional.


2) Few Interesting Things:

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  • 50 very short rules for a Good Life From the Stoics (Blog)

  • Bad dreams are good (Blog)

  • Write more, Read more

  • Picture of the week:- Twitter introduced No-Crop on phones.
    So I shared few pictures. Enjoy :)

3. Quote of the week

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